Adhesive Depron sheet (Polystyrene Foam)

Depron® is the trade name of this polystyrene foam used in the creation of scale models. Here you will find black Depron with an adhesive side.

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Colour: black. Size: 1000 x 700 x 5 mm.

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Adhesive Depron

  • Adhesive Depron
  • Adhesive Depron

Depron® is an extruded polystyrene foam (XPS), very effective as insulation, and used as an intermediate layer between floor and parquet flooring, laminated floorings or even carpets.

The closed cellular structure of these light thin sheets gives them their excellent mechanical and physical properties. When this coating is installed on the floor, no room heat is lost, thus reducing heating consumption.

Depron is extremely lightweight and moisture-resistant and for these reason well appreciated in modell-making.

Here we offer black Depron® with an adhesive side, five millimeters thick and sizing 100 x 70 cm.


  • Model planes, architect model-making, prototypes,...
  • Fine arts and crafts.
  • Food trays.


  • It can be cut with a knife or scissors.
  • It can be glued with special solvent-free glues.
  • It can be bent applying a little heat and working on it very slowly.
  • It can painted with water-based paints and solvent-free pens.


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