Cane spline

Cane spline is a special wedge shaped reed for anchoring the cane webbing in seats of wicker chairs, armchairs and rocking chairs.

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Diameter: 4 mm. Length: 1.2 meters.
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Cane Spline

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Cane spline is a special wedge-shaped reed for anchoring the cane webbing when restoring or creating seats and backs of chairs, armchairs, screens and rocking chairs.

Here you will find 4 mm thick 1.2 meters Cane spline strips.



  • Furniture restoration.
  • Furniture manufacturing.
  • Basket making.
  • Floral design.
  • All kinds of crafts.



  • It can be cut with scissors.
  • It can be glued with the appropriate glues. Consult related products here.
  • It can be soaked.


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